Not Without Passion (or Support)

Hey, friend. You have decisions that need to be made, customers that need to be nurtured, resources that need to be put to good use and goals need to be met! Small business owner, don't stress!


I'm Renee


I create marketing solutions for small business owners and wellness entrepreneurs that are data-driven and unique to your business. I also teach courses on stress-free marketing so my clients can be confident in their own decisions.


• marketing and social media plans, 

• multimedia content creation

• coaching, 

• advertising and  

• stress-free marketing strategy courses.

Be You


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic

Communication (advertising) at Washington

State University. In college, I learned how data can 

transform the lives of decision-makers.

So, in July of 2017, I received my MBA with an emphasis

on data analytics, because I want to help small-business

owners stay prosperous in any season.


Data is an Asset


I’ve worked as a:

• Saleswoman

• Marketing manager

• Customer service manager

• Radio DJ and Producer

• Executive producer for television

• Freelance graphic designer

• Media Director


In all of those roles, I use data!

In the past five years, I've traveled and taught yoga, but supporting people like you has been the best part!


I reside in North Idaho in a lake city called Coeur D'Alene.


The street I live on leads to the best trailhead in Cd'A (Canfield Mountain), is lined with horses, turkeys, deer, and neighbors that always wave and say hello.

Be Inspired


Aside from hiking, fishing and spending

time with community, I am dedicated

to learning and being a Kingdom Entrepreneur.


We should connect! You can find me on social or send me an email (click the contact button :)

Renee M Valle

CEO, Founder

B.A. M.B.A., RYT 200hr

Certified Business analyst

Kingdom Entrepreneur