Marketing & Social Media Plans


Hey, Small Business Owner, 

"Throwing things at the wall to see if they stick” (when it comes to marketing) is awful and chaotic. You’re probably overwhelmed with tasks and would like to get anything out that might bring in new business.


  • Pushing out ads

  • Creating new posts

  • Making new products/services

  • Building a website or brand or

  • Doing trade shows

without data-informed strategy is not the way to go.

Strategic Plans


Strategic Plans are a map to have on hand.


It includes everything you need to rest, knowing your marketing is optimized:


  • Relevant Market Research

  • Business Analysis

  • Target Market Research

  • Creative strategy(ies)

  • Advertising/Promotional Plan

  • Measurement Tools


This guarantees you'll save time by not doing things that aren’t helpful or useful!


Instead of wasting time, money and energy, you'll have clarity on what to do, when to do it and how.

Success Story


Take Dani, the owner of a local salon who wanted to promote her

specials and add value to her brand on social. She reached

out for me to do a Social Media Marketing Plan


After creating her Plan, we realized it would be more useful to

spend that money and energy on Google, print and outdoor


Once we made the shift, she had the best month

sales she’s ever had and …


was able to stop worrying about creating content for her

customers that weren’t adding value to her business!


She was better able to serve her customers

even better. 


We had to take into account the unique, local population,

her existing clientele, and her niche in her overall market!

This was going against what research most suggested.

But a Strategic Plan gave her clarity and profitability.

Benefits of a Strategic Marketing Plan


Plans build your brand and can be executed by anyone in your business. They are essential to allow you to focus on your passion (do what you’re good at) and know that anyone actualizing the tasks is adding value to your business and increasing sales and revenue.


Does this sound like something you’d like?


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Need a Plan for Social Media?

Social Media Markerting Plans's include:


  • A report on your target audience (demographics, interests, channels they spend their time on, times of the day they are on each channel)


  • A tactical plan for each channel your business utilizes, (including proposed channels, if necessary)


  • A 30-day schedule for each medium which resonates with and offers value to your perfect customer

  • A branded template for every post on every channel proposed in the 30-day schedule

    • Facebook/Linked in Cover Photo

    • Video intro/outro .mp4


  • Step-by-step, one-on-one training to schedule/boost/target and track the success of your social media tactics


  • A template to track your KPI’s